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Devblog: August 2016

Hi Everyone!

August has been another busy month for the Wurm dev team, with armour balances as well as addressing some PvP related bugs, the introduction of some new clothing, and one of the next big updates, cooking!


Cooking and nutrition have always been a bit lacking in Wurm, dozens of ingredients, but so few options! This will change in our next bug update planned for later in the year. Tich has been working on overhauling the entire cooking system, with hundreds of new recipies, ingredients, crops, and that’s not including beverages and bees!

I managed to ask a few questions while she was waiting for some pies to cool on the windowsill

A lot of people have theorized that the new system will be aimed at improving food via spices and tools before cooking, is this close?
No, food will be prepared and then cooked, not improved prior to to cooking.

How will cooking change? Will it be meat + crops in a frypan still?
Cooking will be done with recipes, and there are recipes to be able to make meals like in the current method. There will also be new cooking utensils and containers.

A lot of suggestions in the past have been about alcohol, will there be new methods of brewing?
There will be more alcoholic drinks, e.g. mead, beer.

A copper still

Mead? Does this mean there will there be honey?
Yes, there will be wild hives that appear during spring, and vanish in winter. These will slowly get honey and beeswax. But beware bees sting.

Will there be new crops to farm?
Yes, e.g. carrots and tomatoes.

Herbs are currently found via botanizing, a popular suggestion has been for the implementation of herb gardens, will herbs play an important part in cooking and will it be possible to farm them?
Not able to be farmed, but there will be planters that they can be planted in, which will produce herbs over time (for a while). These pots will also be able to be used to grow spices (well most of them).

How will we cook these foods?
There are different types of recipes,
ones that require using an item on an item, (e.g. making flour)
ones that require using an item on a container, (e.g. making pastry)
ones that require a container to be heated (e.g. making bread)
and ones that take time (e.g. making wine)

Recipes that use a container, require a match of what is in the container to a recipe, and at the end of the action (whatever type that is), the contents of the container are replaced by the result item.

How will different foods benefit?
Each meal will have an associated Calories, Carbs, Fats and Proteins, these will give a bonus to various things. Also there is another bonus associated with meals that will give a timed affinity, this affinity can be different per person, and will depend on what cooker, container, and ingredients that are used.

Will skilling cooking be different in the future?
Only in the fact that you will not be able use nails…

Will this be any different in Wurm Unlimited?
For WU, they will be able to add their own recipes if they want to.

What is your favourite food?
Roast pork and all the trimmings.


Looking stylish is always important, and coming next update to Wurm Unlimited is some new cloth clothing! we teased the coloured sets last month, but along with these will come plain white clothes, which will be the base items to create the coloured items.

We also have the new textures for adamantine and glimmersteel chain armour!



Expect to see those new clothing items in the next update!

Work continues on the new client renderer, with hopefully a beta line coming to Wurm Unlimited soon focusing on optimising it for you all, until then, continue to drool at just how improved it is!

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Until next month, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & The Wurm Unlimted team