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Devblog: September 2016

Hi everyone,

Another busy month here on the Wurm team, with the wonderful sights and smells of all the cooking changes (Okay, maybe just my imagination). We’ve a few things to go into this month so let’s get started!

Combat and PvP update

This month saw a balancing update come in for PvP combat and various armour types, the way body strength works for Damage Reduction (DR) has been modified, and we’ve adjust the armour type DR’s as well.

Body Strength Formula, linear line is old, curve is new.

Armour also carries bonuses for material type:
+10% for glimmer, +5% for addy, +10% for seryll
rare is 103%, supreme is 106%, fantastic is 109%

The aim of this update is to allow for some flexibility with armour options, as well as avoid the snowballing effect that body strength had on DR.

There’s also been some changes to other functions, such as the ability to teleport to deeds via Karma and Meditation abilities can only be used after being a part of a village for at least 24 hours as well as other small changes.

The beta update will be out early this week!

New Rendering Engine update

Work continues on the new client renderer, with many bugs being interrogated and squished. We haven’t forgotten about a WU release for this, but we do aim to ensure that the major stability bugs are ironed out before any testing on WU. so stay tuned!

Cooking sneak peaks

We’ve shown some teasers about the new cooking update, including new bushes and trees (Oranges!) and the addition of beer and other alcohol, we’ve also announced that this cooking update will also include the ability to store liquids decay free via sealing them, and also the removal of decay on decorational items on deed! That’s a big one for me, and I’m super keen to be able to decorate my deed without worrying about decaying statues and the like!

The larder will slow decay on meals

Another interesting feature will be the recipe system!
Players who create a meal, can write down that recipe on papyrus using a reed pen filled with ink or dye, and then they are able to trade, mail or sell the recipe card, and allow other players to use them to learn new recipes.

Rumour has it that certain humanoid creatures in the wild also have their own unique recipes, ones that cannot be cooked without knowing how to make them…
Another WU specific teaser is that we are working on the ability to have server owners create their own recipes to go into the game! This means that if you run your own server, you can create your own meals for players to make!

That’s it for this months review, we’ll have more on the upcoming update next month, with a key giveaway in the works too, so make sure to keey your eyes peeled!

Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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