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Devblog: December 2016

Greetings wurmians!

I’ve dragged myself away from the kitchen to bring you all the news and info from our Wurm Online 1.3 update, giving you the low down on what to expect in the next Wurm Unlimited update!

Wurm Online launched version 1.3 (the cooking update) on the 22nd of November, and we’ve had huge amounts of feedback and tweaking since then, addressing various bugs and issues, as well as balancing and adjusting based off feedback, we’re continuing to work on that to ensure that things are smooth before moving to a Wurm Unlimited beta, but I’ll go into that more shortly.

We’ve shared a whole bunch of teasers about what’s coming in the next update, with the release of it all into Wurm Online this means it’s all available on our site! Check out the major notes at


Those of you who follow Wurm Online might be aware of our Jackal events, rifts which spawn the curious beasts of jackal and various resources.

From these resources runes will be able to be crafted that provide various bonuses, from a ql boost from harvesting, to faster speeds in winds, or even larger volumes!

While runes will be available to crafted in Wurm unlimited, the resources required will need to be spawned in by a GM, as the Rift mechanics are only in Wurm Online which is why we haven’t touched on these before.
The ability for resources to spawn in the wild is being looked at as a possibility for you all though.


Of course, One of the major changes in this update is how cooking and recipes work, instead of a few basic meals that aren’t affected by their ingredients, the new system will heavily depend on what you put in, with plenty of different combinations meaning many different things to cook, but thats not all.

Wurm Unlimited will be coming with an initial release of about 80 or so new recipes, covering a lot of the old combinations as well as a few new ones as default, but there’s a unique system in place that places customisation in your hands.

Recipes can be stored as specific files and will be loaded from a folder within the server configuration, to add a recipe, simply place it into the recipe folder and launch the server!

While it may look a little confusing at first, This format will allow those inclined to create a tool to generate recipes, or allow those who wish to do it themselves to write them, and simply place them in the folder.

We’ll have more info on how to use this system when the beta is released.

We’ll be creating a space on our forums at to allow for those who wish to share their recipes, as well as to discuss them and collaborate.

Creating and sharing your recipes will be easy as pie!

WU Beta

This update is a huge one, both in terms of new content, but also behind the scenes changes. With the addition of all the new items, recipes, and other various features comes new database tables and such, which I’m sure you all understand we need to make sure works perfectly with existing WU servers. With this in mind we’ll be spending the next few weeks addressing that, making sure that by a time a beta comes out it will allow server admins to update and test backups of their servers to ensure they run smoothly.

This does mean that the cooking update will take a little while to come out, but there’s a lot to look forward to, that’s for sure!

And don’t forget…

This of course isn’t all that’s coming with the major update, we’ll also have the following:

  • Improvements to various Epic settings, including improving dragon armour with leather, and how missions work.
  • Bees!
  • Removal of decay from decorations on deeds with over 30 days upkeep.
  • Chopped vegetables will now give ql/20 favour when sacrificed for all priests. Libila priests will have slightly different favour, giving ql/33 * potency for healing cover items.
  • New shield skilling system.
  • Message boards!
  • Barrel and Wine barrel racks to allow for easier storage.

As you can see, there’s a ton coming with this, and we’re hard at work preparing to see it come to beta soon.

To coincide with this update we’ll be giving away 10 Steam keys on Facebook, and 10 keys on Twitter, so make sure to follow us and keep an eye out for that!

Until then though, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & the Wurm Unlimited team.