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Version (b)

Changes and Additions

  • Oleander can now be used as a herb in cooking
  • Gates and doors that both players can move through will no longer block attacks
  • New method for getting rid of unwanted hedges:
    • Hedges can now be cut down similar to trees and bushes with a cut down action or the CUT_DOWN keybind.
    • Destroying hedges on deed is tied to the “destroy fences” permission.
  • Dredging additions and changes:
    • You can now flatten and level with a dredge.
    • You must not be embarked when using flatten or level.
    • When dredging from a boat, the dirt/sand/clay will go directly into the hold if there is room. (You must have room in the dredge for this to happen).
  • The spawning of Valrei mobs has changed so that they spawn spread out across the server instead of in groups of 10.
  • Keybind MILK added.
  • Hot cross buns have been added as a recipe.
  • Distributed Java has been updated to the newest version
  • Golden Mirror added:
    • The golden mirror will allow a one time gender change and face customisation.
    • After being used to change genders the mirror will only allow the face customisation .
    • Upon the face customisation being completed the mirror will be consumed.

New housing addition

    • Will act like marble or slate vein.
    • Will spawn randomly out of rock tiles across the server.
    • Can be created with a transmutation rod.
    • Sandstone bricks (Sandstone shard + chisel).
    • Sandstone slabs (Sandstone shard + chisel).
    • Slate bricks (Slate shard + chisel).
    • Slate slabs (Slate shard + chisel).
    • Round stones (Rock shard + chisel).
    • Slate slabs now are created with 88kgs of slate shards and a chisel.
    • Pottery bricks now require 5kgs of clay instead of 15.
    • Pottery brick floors will have new textures.
    • Stone slab house floors will have new texture.
    • House stone slabs will be changing to sandstone slab flooring to retain the same texture (if this is not immediate it will be addressed).
    • Round cobble roads are now paved with round stones.
    • Rough cobble roads are now paved with colossus bricks.
    • Left arch.
    • T arch.
    • Right arch.
    • Rendered wall – Plain stone wall + 20kgs of clay
    • Sandstone wall – 20 sandstone bricks and 20 mortar.
    • Pottery brick wall – 20 pottery bricks and 20 mortar.
    • Slate wall – 20 slate bricks and 20 mortar.
    • Rounded stone wall – 20 round stones and 20 mortar.
    • marble wall – 20 marble bricks and 20 mortar.
    • Sandstone slab pavement.
    • Sandstone brick pavement.
    • Slate slab pavement.
    • Slate brick pavement (existing slate slab pavement will become slate brick pavement).
    • Marble brick pavement.
    • Pottery brick pavement.
    • Pottery brick fence.
    • Pottery brick iron fence.
    • Pottery brick iron fence gate.
    • Sandstone fence.
    • Sandstone iron fence.
    • Sandstone iron fence gate.
    • Marble fence.
    • Marble iron fence.
    • Marble iron fence gate.
    • Rendered fence.
    • Rendered iron fence.
    • Rendered iron fence gate.
    • Slate fence.
    • Slate iron fence.
    • Slate iron fence gate.
    • Round stone fence.
    • Round stone iron fence.
    • Round stone iron fence gate.

Siege weapon changes:

    • New algorithm now used for Catapults/Trebuchet projectiles that properly takes into account starting power, gravity and firing angle of the siege weapon:
    • Starting power determined by number of winches for catapult, and loaded amount for trebuchet – power directly relates to starting velocity (so 20 winches is 20m/s).
    • Arc of the projectile is checked along it for any walls, floors, bridges or fences it hits, otherwise it will travel the full arc until it hits the ground.
    • Anything within a small radius of the landing position will take damage, radius depends on the size of the thrown projectile.
    • Weight, quality, and final velocity of the projectile all add into how much damage it deals to the things it lands on – metal and stone projectiles do the most damage.
    • Projectiles still have a maximum of 20 damage per shot.
    • Added new actions to catapults and trebuchets to allow changing of the firing angle.
    • Firing angle defaults to 45 degrees, can be changed to be between 5 and 85 degrees.
    • Added messages when winching and changing the firing angle of a catapult or trebuchet that will give an approximate firing distance of the projectile.
    • Action time for winching now takes skill into account, will be 33% faster at 100 skill.
    • Projectile landing messages now give a full breakdown of everything they hit, and how many of each thing – as well as naming which structure(s) received damage.
    • Rewrote how the checks worked for roofs and floors
      • A projectile that clearly passes through a roof now should hit it and land there.
      • The box it uses for this isn’t exact to the model, so if the projectile is going over the roof, try lowering your angle or power slightly
      • landing closer to the bottom of the roof than the top of it will be more accurate.
    • Minimum 21 body strength to use it.
    • Uses the War Machines skill for skill checks – action time is 33% faster at 100 skill with a base timer of 30 seconds.
    • Checks a short area in front of the ram for anything to hit, first thing it hits will take damage. Area should be closely lined up with the model.
    • Can only be used by one person at any time, user must be quite close to be able to use it.
    • Damage dealt increased by the ram quality and the skill check result.
    • Ram does double damage to walls underground.
    • Citizen or ally with destroy wall permissions will deal bonus damage.
    • Cannot be used on steep slopes.
    • Turrets and archery towers now have increased range based on their quality – up to 5x their base range at 100ql.
    • Turrets and archery towers will now shoot faster based on quality – up to 33% faster at 100ql.
    • Turrets that fail to fire anything when they have a chance to will now do a firing animation without sending out a projectile.
    • Changed the projectile starting positions of turrets and archery towers to line up with their models – This should allow them to fire from anywhere they have proper line of sight to a target.
    • Turrets should now be able to fire from the top of a house or bridge
    • Archery towers now have a damage falloff, the further they fire, the less damage will be dealt
  • Added a 3x bonus to damage when bashing arched walls manually.
  • Dye requirement for large and small crates has been reduced to 2.50kg and 1.50kg respectively.
  • Merchants who move on due to poor business (self-dismiss) will now return their goods and coins inside a backpack through the mail system instead of returning each item individually.
  • Cultivate option is now present on grass, steppe and mycelium tiles.
  • You will now be able to forage and botanize on mycelium tiles.
  • Planter racks will no longer fit in large storage units. Plants inside planter racks currently in large storage units will no longer grow.
  • God conversion changes:
    • HotS template kingdoms (default and PMK) can follow Libila or any player god. All others  can follow anyone except Libila.
    • As per the option for PMK libila priests in 1.3, Libila priests will be able to use the /transfer option to change to a player god deity without a faith loss until the 10th of April
  • Epic terraforming events have been removed from the endgame of Valrei scenarios.
  • Horses, Hell Horses and Unicorns show bridles
  • Hell Horses show all equipment and trait colours
  • Added new animations: groom, pull, throw (combat and snowballs), take, drop
  • Firstaid and push loop to properly reflect action time
  • Diamond hota medallion shows when worn

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix:  More text issues addressed.
  • Bugfix:  Changed a number of recipes that were using HFC instead of baking.
  • Bug fix: Fix for negative quality rift resources as participation reward.
  • Bug fix: Fix to prevent most unique creatures from spawning inside a deed.
    • The green, blue, black, and white dragon types use a different spawn mechanic and may still spawn in a village.
  • Bug fix: Christmas trees and snowmen were removed from the mission items lists.
  • Bug fix: Fix for offline tamed/charmed pets sometimes not logging back online with their owner.
  • Bug fix: Addressed a few spelling and text errors.
  • Bug fix: Hot stills can now be picked up from the ground if empty.
  • Bug fix: You can now properly use the /join village command even if the village which recruited you has more than one word in its name.
  • Bug fix: Some recipe fixes:
    • Eggnog can no longer use itself to make more eggnog.
    • Sausage skins can no longer be nested inside each other.
  • Bug fix: Improved checks to allow pushing items from a house floor onto a bridge and from a bridge onto a house floor.
  • Bug fix: Improved bridge checks, if a bridge is destroyed or decays, planted items on that bridge should no longer give the error message ‘You need to be on the same bridge’ when interacting with them.
  • Bug fix: Addressed infrequent issue in which roof and floor damage exceeded 100.
  • Bug fix: Fixed dual faith issues between Chaos and Freedom PvE servers.
  • Bug fix: Deity colossi can now be destroyed by owner and/or mayor on a deed.
  • Bug Fix: Rebirthed Zombies no longer act like NPC’s and talk or drop items.
  • Bug Fix: Recipe saving error log has been reworded to streamline information.
  • Bug Fix: Some reported touch screen crash issues have been addressed.
  • Bug Fix: Set Feature 51 to disabled by default, addressing issues of trolls and bears doing no damage.
  • Bug Fix: Egg Nog can no longer use itself as an ingredient.


  • Deed export system is not currently configured for new pavement and house types. Will be addressed in the coming updates.

April Devblog

Hi Everyone!

Well, March has gone, and what a month it’s been! With the launch of 1.3 everyone has been cooking up a storm, and exploring all the new content ( I even saw a bright pink bee hive!) We’re not ones to rest on our laurels though so there’s a lot more where that came from, and today we’re going to share what we’ve been up to!

New housing!
Bored with the limited material choices for your house?  Well worry no more! We’ll be introducing a whopping SIX new housing material types, consisting of:

  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Round stone
  • Rendered
  • Pottery brick
  • Sandstone

Here’s a sneak peek at all of the new housing types!

new housing styles

Along with these types comes New pavement types too!

  • Sandstone slab
  • Sandstone brick
  • Slate Slab
  • Slate brick
  • Marble brick
  • Pottery brick

New tile types

And not to finish there, we’ll also be introducing new fence types as well, meaning you can really design your deed in style!

  • Rendered
  • Slate
  • Round stone
  • Sandstone
  • Pottery brick
  • Marble brick

New Fence Types


Those with a keen eye may be wondering where sandstone bricks and slabs will be coming from. We’ll be adding a new vein type, Sandstone! (duh), Sandstone will naturally generate across a server upon release of this update (only on rock tiles). It will act like a slate or marble vein, and thus have anywhere upwards of 10,000 shards in one vein.

Heckin’ sweet!

Not to leave it at that, we’re also been updating textures for the hell horses! Hell horses have had colour traits like regular horses this whole time, but only one texture, but that’s not happening any longer! Each colour hell horse will have their own texture, and look different to the others, from grey, to a golden hue, and even purple!

Some hell horse colours

Siege weapon overhauls

Not to be left behind we’re also working on a few PvP and epic updates, with Siege weapons currently being overhauled and tested, with improved trajectories, as well as the ability to set the angle on catapults and trebuchets. We’re also adding battering rams in and improving Turrets and archery towers too!

Catapult and Trebuchet


  • Added approximate distance messages when winching. Distance calculation is made on the assumption of firing across flat ground, so it’s not going to be exact depending on where you’re firing, but it should be pretty close. (Unless you’re firing off the side of a cliff, or into the side of a cliff, in which case it’ll be pretty far off.)
  • Added test messages to the winching message showing the current power and firing angle of the catapult.
  • Added two new actions for increasing and reducing the firing angle of catapults. They should be defaulting to 45 degrees, and can be changed to a max of 85 degrees and a min of 5 degrees. Each action changes the degrees by 5, and takes a few seconds depending on your skill.
  • Changed action time for winching to take your skill into account instead of a flat 1s per winch. At 100 skill the winch speed should be 33% faster. At 1 skill it is the same as previously, 1s/winch.
  • Changed base damage multiplier from using firing distance to using final projectile velocity instead. Should mean that even if the projectile doesn’t go as far (like when having a high firing angle), it should still do a good amount of damage due to how fast it is hitting.
  • Changed the “it sounds like X hit Y” messages on projectiles landing. Will now give a breakdown if each type of thing hit and how many of them were hit.


Turrets and Archery towers

  • Turrets and archery towers will now have their range increased based on their QL. Base ranges are the same of 3 tiles for turret and 5 tiles for archery tower, then increase up to 5x that range at 100ql.
  • How often turrets and archery tower can shoot is now modified by the QL as well, up to 33% faster at 100ql.
  • When a turret has a chance to fire but fails, it will now do an animation without firing any projectiles.
  • Changed the projectile checks for turrets and archery towers to use their proper height, instead of checking near the ground.
    • This means they should be able to shoot over walls etc if they are high enough – they just need direct line of sight between their firing position (near the ball for the turret, top of the tower for archery tower) and their target. Will need some testing.


Battering Ram added

  • Need the lot of you to fight over where you think a good balance point for damage for these should be. What I’ve got it at at the moment may be a bit low, though I’ve tried to balance it as a mid point between bashing with large mauls and using a catapult.
  • Min 21 body strength needed to use it.
  • Uses the War Machines skill – skill effects time to use and a skillcheck modifies the final damage. Base 30 second timer, 33% faster at 100 skill.
  • Failed skillcheck results in no damage done. Difficulty is based on the wall’s current quality (i.e. QL – damage (or there abouts)), so the first hits will be lower damage and harder, later hits will get easier and deal more damage.
  • Only hits the first thing it comes across in front of it, and it needs to be pretty close to touching the thing you want to ram.
  • Player using it has to be pretty close to the ram to be able to use it, and only one person can use it at a time.
  • Dragging a ram should be a bit slower than dragging other things (e.g. a catapult).
  • Damage to the wall is modified by skillcheck result (as said above) and the QL of the ram. Double damage is dealt when used underground. Does not work against mine doors. Exact values are up for discussion after some testing is done (remember when arguing discussing this line that you’re arguing discussing with each other, not me – I’m happy to set values to whatever the general consensus is, if there is one).

Other updates

Hord of the summoned and player gods
So many of you might have seen the thread about Horde of the Summoned conversions to player gods where we agreed that it was a less than ideal system. The task we face now is rewriting the outdated conversion system with one that performs better, and makes a bit more sense. This system will allow HotS players to follow player gods, meaning any player gods on a PvP server aren’t White Light kingdom gods only!

 More animations
Continuing from the 1.3 update more actions for general tasks around the game are being added, including take, drop, push and pull, more are in the works and should come at a later date.

Unstable client works
Work continues on the new rendering engine teased last year, with the major bugs addressed, we’ll begin looking at performance improvements and then a Steam release!

That’s it for this month, these updates should come in a beta launch within the next week or two, with the live launch following shortly after.

Until then though, Happy Easter, and keep on Wurming!

Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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