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May Devblog

Hi Everyoine!

It’s been a bit since we last caught you up with all that’s going on in Wurm Unlimited, but I’m here with the latest news for you all to enjoy!

This months devblog focuses on a few things new to Wurm Online and a few things in the works, so lets get started!

New Bridge types

With the new housing types coming out, we’d be remiss to not strike while the iron is hot and expand on this! We’ll be introducing the new material types for bridges in a coming update!


Pottery brick


Round stone


Highway system

Teased a few weeks ago, a new highway system will be coming to Wurm. This system will allow players to designate highways and protect them from vandalism! They will also be used to denote routes to nearby villages, as well as give information about how far it is to each village connected.



Deeds will be linked by catseyes, which form the backbone of the system, waypoints will denote junctions, allowing morew routes to be connected.

There will also be a few new GM and admin tools for tracking roads and systems too! This opens up potential new features that utilise the highway system, you’ll have to wait and see what comes of it!

The Almanac

An almanac is an old guide used for all sorts of record keeping, and in wurm, it can be used to track harvest times for fruits and bushes! PLayers will be able to study a harvestable tree, bush or trellis while it is in season, and will be able to generate a report based off this. This can then be used to track upcoming harvest times with quality of the report determining how accurate it is.

With the reports inside the almanac, players will be able to check what’s in season by typing /almanac as a command, and will get all the info on what’s ripe!

New bushes

Ever wonder where blueberries, raspberries, and lingonberries come from? well fear no more! We’ve added these three new bush types to come in with the next update, bringing a lot more shrubbery to a neighbourhood near you. While blueberries and raspberries can be planted from sprouts found foraging, lingonberry will only grow on tundra, and sprouts cannot be found, you’ll need to set up a dedicated tundra spot for them to grow on.




Cave paving and cladding

Old reinforcements are boring, and we’ve decided to change that up! With the next update, you’ll be able to decorate and pave reinforced cave walls and floors, with all the new wall types and pavement types as well!

Plain Stone

Round Stone





Pottery brick


Floors can be reinforced, then prepared with mortar and paved, where walls are reinforced, and then constructed upon similar to house walls.

This update will also include tile borders and corners in caves, meaning you can see the slopes!  These changes  add even more design options to underground living, and there’s even more to come! What is coming? You’ll just have to wait and see…

Until then though, keep on Wurming!

Retrograde & the Wurm team

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