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October Devblog – Welcome to Wurm!


Devblog October – Welcome to Wurm!

Hi Everyone!

It’s been almost two years since the launch of Wurm Unlimited, and we’ve seen over fifty thousand people play our game, It’s amazing to see just how inventive and creative people have been, and one of my favourite things to do is wander across servers looking at what everyone has built. We’ve got big plans for what’s in the works, including the update to the user interface, introduction of a few new visual features, and a new skill, what is it? You’ll just have to read on..

It’s finally out, has launched and we have some huge changes with it, including my favourite, the new rendering engine!

We have also teamed up with Humble Bundle for the Humble Endless RPG Lands bundle! This bundle claims an impressive 300+ hours worth of playtime across all games, with almost half of that coming from Wurm Unlimited.

For those new to wurm, welcome! Wurm is a huge game with a lot to wrap your head around, so we’ll touch on a few resources that might help you in your time here

The wurmpedia is THE resource for wurm knowledge. It’s a labour of love for many years, with a hard working team that adds all the new info as the update come, and has some very handy guides on performing tasks. If you want to know how to do something, the wurmpedia will have the info you need.

The website can be found by going to but you can also access it ingame by pressing the H key, this brings up the wiki search option and you can type what you’re looking for in there (bear in mind it’s not great for tables and such, best as a quick info. The website is much better)


We have an official Wurm Online discord, but you’re all welcome too! We have many experienced veterans from both Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online, and many servers have their own discord servers too. It’s a great way of chatting and coordinating with other members of your server, or just catching up on what’s been happening

For the official Wurm discord, go here:


There are many youtube channels dedicated to Wurm, with some showing off their works, discussing changes, and in depth tutorials.
There’s a few helpful tutorials out there, but if you’re looking to start you can’t go wrong with these two

MootReds tutorial series
Mootred touches on a few important aspects of getting setup in Wurm, including how to use the user interface, which can often be confusing, so make sure you give that one a watch especially if you’re having difficulty getting used to it.

Gamester4lifes Tutorial series
Gamester4life does awesome indepth tutorials on certain aspects of wurm, with a whopping 200+ videos, there’s plenty to watch while you play and get used to the game

There’s plenty more videos and streams out there, so if you’re looking for something to watch while you play, or prefer learning from watching than reading, definitely have a look!

Works In Progress

Now, with the big 1.5 release I bet you’re all wondering just what’s next for Wurm? Well, those who follow our Wurm Online devblogs for the MMO have had a bit of a hint, with the upcoming release of a major update!

While some of these features will be Wurm Online only, there will be some coming to Wurm Unlimited, and foremost of those is two new skills!

I sat down with our Product Manager, Budda, and the Factional Fight brothers, some long time Wurm streamers/Youtubers, and we showcased the new skills in a special video with them here:


Archaeology is the exploration of ancient civilisation, which may sound a little odd at first, but in Wurm terms, it’s about exploring the lands and finding remnants of deeds past. Players will be able to investigate land to find evidence of old deeds, and also find little fragments of items. Since many WU servers won’t have old deeds to search by, we’ll be looking at how to set it up for Wurm Unlimited, but it’s in the works!


Investigating will only yield small fragments, and you’ll need to work on them with a chisel and brush to identify what they might be. once you’ve worked out what the fragment is you’ll have to piece together multiples of the same fragment in order to restore the item to its former glory.
Some Wurmians have been bragging that they have uncovered seemingly insignificant relics, but closer examination of some of the restored items have has shown some very unique properties, as if they’ve been blessed by the deities of Valrei themselves…

That’s not all though. Preliminary explorations on long past deeds have included reports of as yet unknown items. Could these scattered fragments be relics of ancient Wurmians? What others could there be?

Mysterious statue pieced together by exploratory Archaeology team on Celebration- Unknown date of origin

Animal Crates

We’re also in the testing phase for the teased animal crates from the August devblog. We expect them to go live fairly soon on Wurm Online, and should follow to Wurm Unlimited shortly after.

New client questions

Of course with the new rendering engine some may have questions about performance or optimising, so make sure to check out our official forums for help, our client dev has been extremely hard at work in addressing issues raised and if you do encounter any please remember to include a copy of your games console log! This is found at Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles as console.playername.log

Of course, you’re always welcome to jump into Discord and ask questions there, and we’ll do our best to help!

That’s it for now from us, we’ve got a lot of work underway, and I hope you’re all enjoying the latest update and busily building highways, I myself have some skills to grind!

Until next time, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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