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October Devblog – Welcome to Wurm!


Devblog October – Welcome to Wurm!

Hi Everyone!

It’s been almost two years since the launch of Wurm Unlimited, and we’ve seen over fifty thousand people play our game, It’s amazing to see just how inventive and creative people have been, and one of my favourite things to do is wander across servers looking at what everyone has built. We’ve got big plans for what’s in the works, including the update to the user interface, introduction of a few new visual features, and a new skill, what is it? You’ll just have to read on..

It’s finally out, has launched and we have some huge changes with it, including my favourite, the new rendering engine!

We have also teamed up with Humble Bundle for the Humble Endless RPG Lands bundle! This bundle claims an impressive 300+ hours worth of playtime across all games, with almost half of that coming from Wurm Unlimited.

For those new to wurm, welcome! Wurm is a huge game with a lot to wrap your head around, so we’ll touch on a few resources that might help you in your time here

The wurmpedia is THE resource for wurm knowledge. It’s a labour of love for many years, with a hard working team that adds all the new info as the update come, and has some very handy guides on performing tasks. If you want to know how to do something, the wurmpedia will have the info you need.

The website can be found by going to but you can also access it ingame by pressing the H key, this brings up the wiki search option and you can type what you’re looking for in there (bear in mind it’s not great for tables and such, best as a quick info. The website is much better)


We have an official Wurm Online discord, but you’re all welcome too! We have many experienced veterans from both Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online, and many servers have their own discord servers too. It’s a great way of chatting and coordinating with other members of your server, or just catching up on what’s been happening

For the official Wurm discord, go here:


There are many youtube channels dedicated to Wurm, with some showing off their works, discussing changes, and in depth tutorials.
There’s a few helpful tutorials out there, but if you’re looking to start you can’t go wrong with these two

MootReds tutorial series
Mootred touches on a few important aspects of getting setup in Wurm, including how to use the user interface, which can often be confusing, so make sure you give that one a watch especially if you’re having difficulty getting used to it.

Gamester4lifes Tutorial series
Gamester4life does awesome indepth tutorials on certain aspects of wurm, with a whopping 200+ videos, there’s plenty to watch while you play and get used to the game

There’s plenty more videos and streams out there, so if you’re looking for something to watch while you play, or prefer learning from watching than reading, definitely have a look!

Works In Progress

Now, with the big 1.5 release I bet you’re all wondering just what’s next for Wurm? Well, those who follow our Wurm Online devblogs for the MMO have had a bit of a hint, with the upcoming release of a major update!

While some of these features will be Wurm Online only, there will be some coming to Wurm Unlimited, and foremost of those is two new skills!

I sat down with our Product Manager, Budda, and the Factional Fight brothers, some long time Wurm streamers/Youtubers, and we showcased the new skills in a special video with them here:


Archaeology is the exploration of ancient civilisation, which may sound a little odd at first, but in Wurm terms, it’s about exploring the lands and finding remnants of deeds past. Players will be able to investigate land to find evidence of old deeds, and also find little fragments of items. Since many WU servers won’t have old deeds to search by, we’ll be looking at how to set it up for Wurm Unlimited, but it’s in the works!


Investigating will only yield small fragments, and you’ll need to work on them with a chisel and brush to identify what they might be. once you’ve worked out what the fragment is you’ll have to piece together multiples of the same fragment in order to restore the item to its former glory.
Some Wurmians have been bragging that they have uncovered seemingly insignificant relics, but closer examination of some of the restored items have has shown some very unique properties, as if they’ve been blessed by the deities of Valrei themselves…

That’s not all though. Preliminary explorations on long past deeds have included reports of as yet unknown items. Could these scattered fragments be relics of ancient Wurmians? What others could there be?

Mysterious statue pieced together by exploratory Archaeology team on Celebration- Unknown date of origin

Animal Crates

We’re also in the testing phase for the teased animal crates from the August devblog. We expect them to go live fairly soon on Wurm Online, and should follow to Wurm Unlimited shortly after.

New client questions

Of course with the new rendering engine some may have questions about performance or optimising, so make sure to check out our official forums for help, our client dev has been extremely hard at work in addressing issues raised and if you do encounter any please remember to include a copy of your games console log! This is found at Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles as console.playername.log

Of course, you’re always welcome to jump into Discord and ask questions there, and we’ll do our best to help!

That’s it for now from us, we’ve got a lot of work underway, and I hope you’re all enjoying the latest update and busily building highways, I myself have some skills to grind!

Until next time, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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May Devblog

Hi Everyoine!

It’s been a bit since we last caught you up with all that’s going on in Wurm Unlimited, but I’m here with the latest news for you all to enjoy!

This months devblog focuses on a few things new to Wurm Online and a few things in the works, so lets get started!

New Bridge types

With the new housing types coming out, we’d be remiss to not strike while the iron is hot and expand on this! We’ll be introducing the new material types for bridges in a coming update!


Pottery brick


Round stone


Highway system

Teased a few weeks ago, a new highway system will be coming to Wurm. This system will allow players to designate highways and protect them from vandalism! They will also be used to denote routes to nearby villages, as well as give information about how far it is to each village connected.



Deeds will be linked by catseyes, which form the backbone of the system, waypoints will denote junctions, allowing morew routes to be connected.

There will also be a few new GM and admin tools for tracking roads and systems too! This opens up potential new features that utilise the highway system, you’ll have to wait and see what comes of it!

The Almanac

An almanac is an old guide used for all sorts of record keeping, and in wurm, it can be used to track harvest times for fruits and bushes! PLayers will be able to study a harvestable tree, bush or trellis while it is in season, and will be able to generate a report based off this. This can then be used to track upcoming harvest times with quality of the report determining how accurate it is.

With the reports inside the almanac, players will be able to check what’s in season by typing /almanac as a command, and will get all the info on what’s ripe!

New bushes

Ever wonder where blueberries, raspberries, and lingonberries come from? well fear no more! We’ve added these three new bush types to come in with the next update, bringing a lot more shrubbery to a neighbourhood near you. While blueberries and raspberries can be planted from sprouts found foraging, lingonberry will only grow on tundra, and sprouts cannot be found, you’ll need to set up a dedicated tundra spot for them to grow on.




Cave paving and cladding

Old reinforcements are boring, and we’ve decided to change that up! With the next update, you’ll be able to decorate and pave reinforced cave walls and floors, with all the new wall types and pavement types as well!

Plain Stone

Round Stone





Pottery brick


Floors can be reinforced, then prepared with mortar and paved, where walls are reinforced, and then constructed upon similar to house walls.

This update will also include tile borders and corners in caves, meaning you can see the slopes!  These changes  add even more design options to underground living, and there’s even more to come! What is coming? You’ll just have to wait and see…

Until then though, keep on Wurming!

Retrograde & the Wurm team

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April Devblog

Hi Everyone!

Well, March has gone, and what a month it’s been! With the launch of 1.3 everyone has been cooking up a storm, and exploring all the new content ( I even saw a bright pink bee hive!) We’re not ones to rest on our laurels though so there’s a lot more where that came from, and today we’re going to share what we’ve been up to!

New housing!
Bored with the limited material choices for your house?  Well worry no more! We’ll be introducing a whopping SIX new housing material types, consisting of:

  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Round stone
  • Rendered
  • Pottery brick
  • Sandstone

Here’s a sneak peek at all of the new housing types!

new housing styles

Along with these types comes New pavement types too!

  • Sandstone slab
  • Sandstone brick
  • Slate Slab
  • Slate brick
  • Marble brick
  • Pottery brick

New tile types

And not to finish there, we’ll also be introducing new fence types as well, meaning you can really design your deed in style!

  • Rendered
  • Slate
  • Round stone
  • Sandstone
  • Pottery brick
  • Marble brick

New Fence Types


Those with a keen eye may be wondering where sandstone bricks and slabs will be coming from. We’ll be adding a new vein type, Sandstone! (duh), Sandstone will naturally generate across a server upon release of this update (only on rock tiles). It will act like a slate or marble vein, and thus have anywhere upwards of 10,000 shards in one vein.

Heckin’ sweet!

Not to leave it at that, we’re also been updating textures for the hell horses! Hell horses have had colour traits like regular horses this whole time, but only one texture, but that’s not happening any longer! Each colour hell horse will have their own texture, and look different to the others, from grey, to a golden hue, and even purple!

Some hell horse colours

Siege weapon overhauls

Not to be left behind we’re also working on a few PvP and epic updates, with Siege weapons currently being overhauled and tested, with improved trajectories, as well as the ability to set the angle on catapults and trebuchets. We’re also adding battering rams in and improving Turrets and archery towers too!

Catapult and Trebuchet


  • Added approximate distance messages when winching. Distance calculation is made on the assumption of firing across flat ground, so it’s not going to be exact depending on where you’re firing, but it should be pretty close. (Unless you’re firing off the side of a cliff, or into the side of a cliff, in which case it’ll be pretty far off.)
  • Added test messages to the winching message showing the current power and firing angle of the catapult.
  • Added two new actions for increasing and reducing the firing angle of catapults. They should be defaulting to 45 degrees, and can be changed to a max of 85 degrees and a min of 5 degrees. Each action changes the degrees by 5, and takes a few seconds depending on your skill.
  • Changed action time for winching to take your skill into account instead of a flat 1s per winch. At 100 skill the winch speed should be 33% faster. At 1 skill it is the same as previously, 1s/winch.
  • Changed base damage multiplier from using firing distance to using final projectile velocity instead. Should mean that even if the projectile doesn’t go as far (like when having a high firing angle), it should still do a good amount of damage due to how fast it is hitting.
  • Changed the “it sounds like X hit Y” messages on projectiles landing. Will now give a breakdown if each type of thing hit and how many of them were hit.


Turrets and Archery towers

  • Turrets and archery towers will now have their range increased based on their QL. Base ranges are the same of 3 tiles for turret and 5 tiles for archery tower, then increase up to 5x that range at 100ql.
  • How often turrets and archery tower can shoot is now modified by the QL as well, up to 33% faster at 100ql.
  • When a turret has a chance to fire but fails, it will now do an animation without firing any projectiles.
  • Changed the projectile checks for turrets and archery towers to use their proper height, instead of checking near the ground.
    • This means they should be able to shoot over walls etc if they are high enough – they just need direct line of sight between their firing position (near the ball for the turret, top of the tower for archery tower) and their target. Will need some testing.


Battering Ram added

  • Need the lot of you to fight over where you think a good balance point for damage for these should be. What I’ve got it at at the moment may be a bit low, though I’ve tried to balance it as a mid point between bashing with large mauls and using a catapult.
  • Min 21 body strength needed to use it.
  • Uses the War Machines skill – skill effects time to use and a skillcheck modifies the final damage. Base 30 second timer, 33% faster at 100 skill.
  • Failed skillcheck results in no damage done. Difficulty is based on the wall’s current quality (i.e. QL – damage (or there abouts)), so the first hits will be lower damage and harder, later hits will get easier and deal more damage.
  • Only hits the first thing it comes across in front of it, and it needs to be pretty close to touching the thing you want to ram.
  • Player using it has to be pretty close to the ram to be able to use it, and only one person can use it at a time.
  • Dragging a ram should be a bit slower than dragging other things (e.g. a catapult).
  • Damage to the wall is modified by skillcheck result (as said above) and the QL of the ram. Double damage is dealt when used underground. Does not work against mine doors. Exact values are up for discussion after some testing is done (remember when arguing discussing this line that you’re arguing discussing with each other, not me – I’m happy to set values to whatever the general consensus is, if there is one).

Other updates

Hord of the summoned and player gods
So many of you might have seen the thread about Horde of the Summoned conversions to player gods where we agreed that it was a less than ideal system. The task we face now is rewriting the outdated conversion system with one that performs better, and makes a bit more sense. This system will allow HotS players to follow player gods, meaning any player gods on a PvP server aren’t White Light kingdom gods only!

 More animations
Continuing from the 1.3 update more actions for general tasks around the game are being added, including take, drop, push and pull, more are in the works and should come at a later date.

Unstable client works
Work continues on the new rendering engine teased last year, with the major bugs addressed, we’ll begin looking at performance improvements and then a Steam release!

That’s it for this month, these updates should come in a beta launch within the next week or two, with the live launch following shortly after.

Until then though, Happy Easter, and keep on Wurming!

Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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Devblog: March

Hi Everyone

After months of long waiting, we finally have a release date for 1.3! Wurm Unlimited will be updating to version 1.3 on the 6th of March!

We’re keen to see this hit Wurm Unlimited, and we know you are too.

This of course catches Wurm Unlimited up to Wurm Online completely, with both versions being at 1.3, and means that a lot of things that have come to WO since the release of 1.3 (as  well as the bug fixes) so there’s a bit to share here too.

This update will bring the ability to equip unicorns with gear to improve speed! They will be able to wear gold and silver horse shoes, as well as the saddle and bridle. They won’t be able to wear any barding though! Unicorns require 26 body control to ride, and need to be tamed.

Extra wide mines

1 tile wide mine entrances are so 1054, and we’ve decided its time for expansion! You can now create 3 tile wide mine entrances, with a few guidelines:
Wide tunnel entrances

  • Tunnel entrances can be up to 3 tiles wide.
  • To widen a tunnel entrance, the tile you mine must only be connected to ONE open tunnel only.
  • Mine doors cannot be placed on tunnel entrances that are 2 or more tiles wide.



Need somewhere to store stuff? Tired of looking at coffins and carts and anything else you can jam your items into?
Well, with 1.3 we’re bringing new storage options! We’ve included the planter, amphora and barrel racks, but we also have the Large storage unit, able to take big objects like fishing poles, and the alchemists cupboard, which can hold up to 10 lots of 2kg liquids and greatly slows decay!
Storage Unit

Alchemists Cupboard


Cooking update guide

To get your head around just what comes with this update, we’ve of course got the cooking document, make sure you read it while waiting for 1.3 to land!

Forums downtime

We’ve recently migrated hosts for our wurmonline forums, which has unfortunately led to some extended downtime. We’re still working on it and hopefully it’s not much longer.

Wurm Unlimited website

As you can see we’ve switched our patch notes and blog from just Steam to be posted here, allowing us to share much more info with you all, and include full patch notes. Make sure to bookmark it and keep an eye out for news and updates.

Voting time!

We’ve taken you suggestions over the past week, and have stockpiled a massive list of recipes (some of you cook very weird things!) We’ve picked our top ten and will be opening voting in the next day. The top ten are:

  • Cthalpa’s Lemon Herb Battered Chicken
  • NESGamepro’s Chocolate Milk
  • SilentSmith’s Chicken Parmigiana
  • Robbycrusoe’s Poutine
  • Deadfire’s Fish n’ Chips
  • Army’s Mountain Gulasch
  • Dorian’s Cherries Jubilee
  • Til’s Take out
  • Thor’s Austrian Dream Schnitzel
  • Belrindor’s Maple Bacon Pancakes

The top three will get their names on the recipes ingame, with the remaining seven just having the generic name. We’ve had to modify a few of the recipes to fit in with what we currently have, but they all still fit firmly with the suggestions.

We’ll be opening the voting up on the forums when they come back up.

There were plenty of really good entries, and we may just see more come to WU as the time goes by!

Bug reports!

To streamline sensitive bug reports, we’ve introduced a new entry form for bug reporting. Based off how well the Wurm Unlimited 1.3 Alpha reporting went we’ll be offering this as a way to report bugs using an entry form to and include console and client logs and information.  We’ll still be using the steam forums as well, but if you wish to report a bug that could be a sensitive exploit, use this!
Click here to view the form

That’s it for this month, but it’s not all! We’re looking forward to the sixth and there’s plenty of work on the way. Until then though, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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Devblog: February 2017

Hi Everyone!

The long awaited 1.3 update is finally here! We’ll be running a closed alpha first, just to ensure nothing major breaks when running on a server (especially with mods!) There’s a lot involved here, including some major behind the scenes changes so we really need to be cautious here.

With the closed update we have a form to fill out to request a key, this is to ensure that those who wish to trial it and provide feedback understand that this could break any servers they are currently operating, which of course means ALL TEST DATA NEEDS TO BE BACKED UP.

But firstly, let’s go over a few of the technical aspects of the 1.3 update.

Database update system

Guest writer: Taufiqkh, developer.

This update marks the first major update to the database since the release of Wurm Unlimited. While we have been able to add significant functionality without modifying the structure of the database, as time goes on it has been a limiting factor in what we can accomplish.
The cooking updates have not been possible with the existing schema, and while it would have been possible to add a one-off change in code it would have added complexity with limited reusability. Instead we have introduced an update system for database changes (also known as migrations) that should allow properly versioned changes to be deployed on player systems in a systematic fashion.
For players hosting their game through the GUI, it should appear simply as a button when selecting your game folder and will perform the update when it loads the server.
While we have tested the database updates in a number of different scenarios, we recommend making a copy of your server directory before initiating a database update.
For server hosts running from the command line, the server will detect the current database version on startup and perform any updates that are pending.

Self-managed updates

Some server owners will prefer to manage their own updates – whether this is because they require control over the timing and content of updates, or have custom schema changes that they want to preserve. While we do not have the resources to provide active support for self-managed updates, we do provide an in-built option to disable the automated ones as well as documentation on how they are performed. They may be disabled, but only for servers run from the command line, and may be done by setting the DB_AUTO_MIGRATE option to false in the server’s wurm.ini file.
The update scripts will be found in the dist/migrations subdirectory of your game’s installation directory, and are organised according to the database they affect. For example, if your game was installed to /home/steam/Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server, your migrations will be located in /home/steam/Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server/dist/migrations.
Performing updates manually will not add any versioning metadata to the database – this is what keeps track of which versions have been installed and at what time, and is useful for diagnosing issues at the database level. Internally, the Wurm server uses the Flyway database migrations library (currently version 4.0.3) to manage the migration from version to version and to provide this extra metadata.
For this reason we suggest that those opting to self-manage database updates use the Flyway command line tool ( with a configuration file containing the following:

1.3 Closed alpha key request

So to organise getting the alpha testing out there, we’ll be running a closed alpha, letting those who wish to test it to do so, without unleashing the update and threatening everyones data.

You can request a key here and we’ll be emailing out the lucky (or unlucky) recipients over the next few days

The alpha will be released along with the notes in the coming day or two.

Recipe overviews

Wurm Unlimited comes with a stock 72 recipes, with the ability to create and add your own, there’s a few things that must be remembered though.

The format for recipes is a simple .JSON format, which has a schema available here:

Each created recipe must be named Recipe XXXX.json Where xxxx is the recipe ID number, available ID’s start at 1500 upwards, so if you do not have the correct ID number, it will not load (an error will show in the server log to reflect this)

Alpha Patch Notes

No update would be complete without patch notes, and there are a lot! Too many for steam to include in one post, so we’ve made a website listing with the alpha notes, and will include them when the update comes to beta and live in Steam.
<url=>Check them out here!

If you have questions about the update, feel free to ask on our forums.

So hurry up, and you just may get an alpha key to the testing!

We’ll also be giving out Steam keys for Wurm Unlimited this week on social media, so keep your eyes peeled!

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See you in the game!
Retrograde & the Wurm team


Devblog: January 2017


After a brief Christmas break, the Wurm team is back in the saddle for another big year of Wurm, but first, let’s touch on the late 1.3 update.

1.3 Delays

1.3 was released to Wurm Online on the 22nd of November, and we entered a phase of bug fixes and tweaks over the next month or so, with a scheduled release close to Christmas for Wurm Unlimited. The problem we encountered was that the scale of the changes to databases and other systems were quite large, and took much more time than anticipated to adapt to Wurm Unlimited. We’re also future-proofing the system as to avoid any potential further issues with future major updates to database systems.

Ontop of that, we’ve had a few fairly major bugs occur from 1.3 that we must address prior to it coming to WU. The effects of these bugs are kept in check by our development team having direct access to the database to make changes and correct issues that arise leading to a short turnaround for any players affected, but releasing this to Wurm unlimited would be irresponsible at best, and disastrous at worst.

I know you’re all champing at the bit for a taste of what is to come, 1.3 is a huge update with a whole ton of new features and items that all rely on each other. This means we can’t split the update into several releases, as they all rely on major changes that cannot be seperated.

We know it is frustrating to have the update delayed and we share your disappointment in not having it out already, but we can assure you that we are working extremely hard on this and will have a beta up as soon as the major roadblock issues have been addressed.

Other works

With that said, there’s a fair bit that is also in the works for 2017, of course the new client renderer is undergoing the final bugfixing phase with the few remaining major bugs being addressed prior to the release of that for WU and making it the stable client in WO but that’s not all.

Those of you who follow the Wurm forums will already know that a major update for 2017 will focus on an overhall of the user interface, bringing it up to a more modern look and much more functionality which has been a major issue for those who have been trying out the game. We’re also looking at improving the server launcher UI to make getting into the game much easier and intuitive.

That’s not all though! We’re also in the process of identifying other areas we can work on based on feedback and reviews, and will be sharing some of that as the weeks go on, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that, and as always, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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Devblog: December 2016

Greetings wurmians!

I’ve dragged myself away from the kitchen to bring you all the news and info from our Wurm Online 1.3 update, giving you the low down on what to expect in the next Wurm Unlimited update!

Wurm Online launched version 1.3 (the cooking update) on the 22nd of November, and we’ve had huge amounts of feedback and tweaking since then, addressing various bugs and issues, as well as balancing and adjusting based off feedback, we’re continuing to work on that to ensure that things are smooth before moving to a Wurm Unlimited beta, but I’ll go into that more shortly.

We’ve shared a whole bunch of teasers about what’s coming in the next update, with the release of it all into Wurm Online this means it’s all available on our site! Check out the major notes at


Those of you who follow Wurm Online might be aware of our Jackal events, rifts which spawn the curious beasts of jackal and various resources.

From these resources runes will be able to be crafted that provide various bonuses, from a ql boost from harvesting, to faster speeds in winds, or even larger volumes!

While runes will be available to crafted in Wurm unlimited, the resources required will need to be spawned in by a GM, as the Rift mechanics are only in Wurm Online which is why we haven’t touched on these before.
The ability for resources to spawn in the wild is being looked at as a possibility for you all though.


Of course, One of the major changes in this update is how cooking and recipes work, instead of a few basic meals that aren’t affected by their ingredients, the new system will heavily depend on what you put in, with plenty of different combinations meaning many different things to cook, but thats not all.

Wurm Unlimited will be coming with an initial release of about 80 or so new recipes, covering a lot of the old combinations as well as a few new ones as default, but there’s a unique system in place that places customisation in your hands.

Recipes can be stored as specific files and will be loaded from a folder within the server configuration, to add a recipe, simply place it into the recipe folder and launch the server!

While it may look a little confusing at first, This format will allow those inclined to create a tool to generate recipes, or allow those who wish to do it themselves to write them, and simply place them in the folder.

We’ll have more info on how to use this system when the beta is released.

We’ll be creating a space on our forums at to allow for those who wish to share their recipes, as well as to discuss them and collaborate.

Creating and sharing your recipes will be easy as pie!

WU Beta

This update is a huge one, both in terms of new content, but also behind the scenes changes. With the addition of all the new items, recipes, and other various features comes new database tables and such, which I’m sure you all understand we need to make sure works perfectly with existing WU servers. With this in mind we’ll be spending the next few weeks addressing that, making sure that by a time a beta comes out it will allow server admins to update and test backups of their servers to ensure they run smoothly.

This does mean that the cooking update will take a little while to come out, but there’s a lot to look forward to, that’s for sure!

And don’t forget…

This of course isn’t all that’s coming with the major update, we’ll also have the following:

  • Improvements to various Epic settings, including improving dragon armour with leather, and how missions work.
  • Bees!
  • Removal of decay from decorations on deeds with over 30 days upkeep.
  • Chopped vegetables will now give ql/20 favour when sacrificed for all priests. Libila priests will have slightly different favour, giving ql/33 * potency for healing cover items.
  • New shield skilling system.
  • Message boards!
  • Barrel and Wine barrel racks to allow for easier storage.

As you can see, there’s a ton coming with this, and we’re hard at work preparing to see it come to beta soon.

To coincide with this update we’ll be giving away 10 Steam keys on Facebook, and 10 keys on Twitter, so make sure to follow us and keep an eye out for that!

Until then though, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & the Wurm Unlimited team.


Devblog: October 2016

Hi Everyone!

Work continues through October on our Wurm Online 1.3 update, focusing on the major cooking changes, bringing over 500 recipes, 7 new crops to farm, herbs and spices you can plant and grow, bees and so much more!

We had our public testing run over the past two weeks, with players jumping on and testing out the changes, cooking thousands of different foods and exploring this new system. Cooking will be extremely in depth, immersive, and offer thousands of combinations, meaning you can really explore the new system or stick with the tried and true (everyone loves meat and corn, right?)

We’ve teased a few of the feature coming, including the ability for server admins to create their own recipes, but there’s plenty more!


Spices and herbs are able to be botanised and foraged, with many even being plant-able! You will be able to create your own little herb garden and harvest them!

  • Basil – may be planted
  • Belladonna – may be planted
  • Lovage – may be planted
  • Nettles
  • Oregano – may be planted
  • Parsley – may be planted
  • Rosemary – may be planted
  • Sage – may be planted
  • Sassafras
  • Thyme – may be planted
  • Fennel – may be planted
  • Mint – may be planted


  • Cumin – may be planted
  • Ginger – may be planted
  • Nutmeg
  • Paprika – may be planted
  • Turmeric
  • Fennel seed
[img=] [h1]Farming frenzy[/h1] We have new crop types available, being able to be sourced by foraging at first, they are:

  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Sugar Beet
  • Lettuces
  • Peas
  • Cucumbers

Bees Knees

The introduction of bees, honey, and wild hives!
Wild hives will be found in trees, and the colonies can be coaxed out with a domestic hive placed near it. You can then receive honey from these hives, but be careful, come winter they will need honey or sugar to survive!


Eating complex meals will grant various timed affinities for players, giving the opportunity to explore, and incentive to find the meal that works for you, while skill gain can be modified in WU, this should provide a fun way to track your characters favourite meals!

To check out further information about what’s coming here, or to even jump on and test it out for yourself, go to our forums!

Of course, there’s more than just cooking coming in the update to Wurm Online (and subsequently Wurm Unlimited). We’ll also be removing decay on decoration items on deeds over 30 days upkeep, meaning decorating got easier than ever!

Looking Forward

We’re also looking ahead at future updates for Wurm, and one of the major points of feedback are focused on the user interface, so we’re looking at making a updated user interface focusing on ease of play, as well as look at ways of helping new players learn the game and understand it faster. This is obviously a huge undertaking, and there will be lots to go into with it, I’m keen to see how it goes though, so will be making sure to share it with you all as we progress!

There’s a lot going on, and we’re extremely excited about what’s coming in the next update, the next devblog will be (hopefully) post release of this huge update, so we’ll have the full list of changes, as well as a date for the beta release of this on WU!

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Until then though, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & the Wurm team.


Devblog: September 2016

Hi everyone,

Another busy month here on the Wurm team, with the wonderful sights and smells of all the cooking changes (Okay, maybe just my imagination). We’ve a few things to go into this month so let’s get started!

Combat and PvP update

This month saw a balancing update come in for PvP combat and various armour types, the way body strength works for Damage Reduction (DR) has been modified, and we’ve adjust the armour type DR’s as well.

Body Strength Formula, linear line is old, curve is new.

Armour also carries bonuses for material type:
+10% for glimmer, +5% for addy, +10% for seryll
rare is 103%, supreme is 106%, fantastic is 109%

The aim of this update is to allow for some flexibility with armour options, as well as avoid the snowballing effect that body strength had on DR.

There’s also been some changes to other functions, such as the ability to teleport to deeds via Karma and Meditation abilities can only be used after being a part of a village for at least 24 hours as well as other small changes.

The beta update will be out early this week!

New Rendering Engine update

Work continues on the new client renderer, with many bugs being interrogated and squished. We haven’t forgotten about a WU release for this, but we do aim to ensure that the major stability bugs are ironed out before any testing on WU. so stay tuned!

Cooking sneak peaks

We’ve shown some teasers about the new cooking update, including new bushes and trees (Oranges!) and the addition of beer and other alcohol, we’ve also announced that this cooking update will also include the ability to store liquids decay free via sealing them, and also the removal of decay on decorational items on deed! That’s a big one for me, and I’m super keen to be able to decorate my deed without worrying about decaying statues and the like!

The larder will slow decay on meals

Another interesting feature will be the recipe system!
Players who create a meal, can write down that recipe on papyrus using a reed pen filled with ink or dye, and then they are able to trade, mail or sell the recipe card, and allow other players to use them to learn new recipes.

Rumour has it that certain humanoid creatures in the wild also have their own unique recipes, ones that cannot be cooked without knowing how to make them…
Another WU specific teaser is that we are working on the ability to have server owners create their own recipes to go into the game! This means that if you run your own server, you can create your own meals for players to make!

That’s it for this months review, we’ll have more on the upcoming update next month, with a key giveaway in the works too, so make sure to keey your eyes peeled!

Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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Devblog: August 2016

Hi Everyone!

August has been another busy month for the Wurm dev team, with armour balances as well as addressing some PvP related bugs, the introduction of some new clothing, and one of the next big updates, cooking!


Cooking and nutrition have always been a bit lacking in Wurm, dozens of ingredients, but so few options! This will change in our next bug update planned for later in the year. Tich has been working on overhauling the entire cooking system, with hundreds of new recipies, ingredients, crops, and that’s not including beverages and bees!

I managed to ask a few questions while she was waiting for some pies to cool on the windowsill

A lot of people have theorized that the new system will be aimed at improving food via spices and tools before cooking, is this close?
No, food will be prepared and then cooked, not improved prior to to cooking.

How will cooking change? Will it be meat + crops in a frypan still?
Cooking will be done with recipes, and there are recipes to be able to make meals like in the current method. There will also be new cooking utensils and containers.

A lot of suggestions in the past have been about alcohol, will there be new methods of brewing?
There will be more alcoholic drinks, e.g. mead, beer.

A copper still

Mead? Does this mean there will there be honey?
Yes, there will be wild hives that appear during spring, and vanish in winter. These will slowly get honey and beeswax. But beware bees sting.

Will there be new crops to farm?
Yes, e.g. carrots and tomatoes.

Herbs are currently found via botanizing, a popular suggestion has been for the implementation of herb gardens, will herbs play an important part in cooking and will it be possible to farm them?
Not able to be farmed, but there will be planters that they can be planted in, which will produce herbs over time (for a while). These pots will also be able to be used to grow spices (well most of them).

How will we cook these foods?
There are different types of recipes,
ones that require using an item on an item, (e.g. making flour)
ones that require using an item on a container, (e.g. making pastry)
ones that require a container to be heated (e.g. making bread)
and ones that take time (e.g. making wine)

Recipes that use a container, require a match of what is in the container to a recipe, and at the end of the action (whatever type that is), the contents of the container are replaced by the result item.

How will different foods benefit?
Each meal will have an associated Calories, Carbs, Fats and Proteins, these will give a bonus to various things. Also there is another bonus associated with meals that will give a timed affinity, this affinity can be different per person, and will depend on what cooker, container, and ingredients that are used.

Will skilling cooking be different in the future?
Only in the fact that you will not be able use nails…

Will this be any different in Wurm Unlimited?
For WU, they will be able to add their own recipes if they want to.

What is your favourite food?
Roast pork and all the trimmings.


Looking stylish is always important, and coming next update to Wurm Unlimited is some new cloth clothing! we teased the coloured sets last month, but along with these will come plain white clothes, which will be the base items to create the coloured items.

We also have the new textures for adamantine and glimmersteel chain armour!



Expect to see those new clothing items in the next update!

Work continues on the new client renderer, with hopefully a beta line coming to Wurm Unlimited soon focusing on optimising it for you all, until then, continue to drool at just how improved it is!

That’s it for this month folks, be sure to keep up to date with us by:
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Until next month, keep on Wurming!
Retrograde & The Wurm Unlimted team